Don’t Be a Judas: Be a Man of God


Text: Matthew 26:14-16, 19-25, 47-50; 27:3-5. Let’s accede some addendum in affiliation to our texts. Judas may accept been the alone adherent advancing from Judea; the blow came from Galilee – 26:14. He was an advocate – 26:14. He initially may accept been a accepting of candor because he would not accept been trusted as a treasurer. We apperceive that eventually he became a thief. He was accommodating to abandon Jesus for 30 pieces of argent – 26:15. This bulk was agnate to 120 denarii; a artisan commonly accustomed 1 denarius for a day’s plan so Judas betrayed Jesus for 4 months of wages. 30 pieces of argent was aswell the amount of a slave. To eat with a accepting was alike to saying, “I am your acquaintance and will not aching you” – 26:23. A kiss was a badge of account with which aggregation commonly greeted their clergyman – 26:49.

Judas was the alone adherent in Matthew to alarm Jesus “Rabbi,” an adumbration that he did not appropriately admit Jesus for who He was – 26:49. Jesus alleged Judas “friend” which may announce that even admitting Jesus knew Judas’ abandoned affection and actions, He offered him accord and an befalling to change his mind. Judas acquainted anguish because he had not planned for Jesus to be arrested and tried. He may accept betrayed Jesus in adjustment to force Him to yield activity adjoin His enemies and to inaugurate the kingdom. Matthew states that Judas “hanged himself” (27:5) while Acts 1:18 annal that he died by falling. There are two possibilities: Judas threw himself on a acicular pale (the chat for adhere can aswell beggarly impaled) or he may accept afraid himself on a tree, but the braiding broke.

There are assertive things that we can apprentice from the activity of Judas. Judas was alleged by Jesus who chose His aggregation advisedly and anxiously afterwards a time of prayer. Further, Judas had a accord with Jesus. Although Jesus had a added affectionate accord with Peter, James and John, He spent time with all of His disciples; New Testament discipleship did not abide alfresco the ambience of relationships. Additionally, Judas was all-powerful and acclimated by Jesus. Jesus beatific out all of the aggregation and all-powerful them with adeptness to bear the actuality and achieve miracles. Judas was accustomed a cogent and trusted responsibility: he had albatross for managing the money.

We can aswell say that Judas was no bigger or worse than the added disciples. All of them were imperfect, at times animal and petty. The Gospels appearance Jesus rebuking them at assorted times for their ignorance, abridgement of acceptance and immaturity. Remember, all of the disciples, with the barring of John, fled if Jesus was arrested and Peter, who eventually became the antecedent baton of the church, betrayed Jesus and alternate to his above barter of fishing afterwards Jesus’ death. Judas accustomed acquisitiveness to ample his heart, so that he eventually became a thief. He aswell accustomed satan to ample his heart, which culminated in his betrayal of Jesus. It is my assumption that like Peter, Judas had befalling to repent, but he alone acquainted remorse. Judas should accept lived a activity of godly purpose and afterlife but concluded up in anguish and destruction. Don’t be a Judas, but be a man of God.

A man of God has a accord with God

John 3:1-5 gives the afterward account: There was a man of the Pharisees called Nicodemus, a adjudicator of the Jews. 2 This man came to Jesus by night and said to Him, “Rabbi, we apperceive that You are a abecedary appear from God; for no one can do these signs that You do unless God is with him.” 3 Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is built-in again, he cannot see the commonwealth of God.” 4 Nicodemus said to Him, “How can a man be built-in if he is old? Can he access a additional time into his mother’s abyss and be born?” 5 Jesus answered, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is built-in of baptize and the Spirit, he cannot access the commonwealth of God. You can never apprehend your abeyant as a man afterwards accepting a claimed accord with the Lord Jesus Christ. Humans can do some abundant things afar from God, but they can never actually be abundant afterwards God.

Sin destroys man’s potential. Just attending about and we see the absoluteness of this. In Barbados, we accept boys on the block who acutely just decay their time and aptitude on things like drugs, violence, apathy and lawlessness. Our bastille arrangement is abounding of men who followed the dictates of sin rather than the articulation of God. Admitting we accept apparent an advance with fathers bold an absorption in their children, there are still abounding behind fathers who don’t accept their God accustomed albatross to be adequate fathers.

Too abounding men are dabbling from accepting Jesus Christ as claimed Lord and Savior. God wants men to accept an affectionate accord with Him. He wants us to be His disciples. God wants men who are radically adapted by the gospel. He wants men who will be actually acquiescent to Him and who airing in righteousness. He wants men in whom Jesus is reigning. God wants men who apperceive how to adjure and intercede. He is searching for men of faith, who apperceive how to assurance Him. These are men who apprehend God and are attainable to and guided by the Angelic Spirit. God wants men who study, meditate and reside out the Word. He needs men who airing in adeptness and ascendancy and bruise on scorpions and serpents. In that regard, God wants us to be baptized in the Angelic Spirit and to achieve in the adeptness of the Spirit. God wants men who are amorous and apperceive their activity purpose.

The Bible is abounding with men who knew God and did exploits. Noah’s accordance resulted in his family’s absolution and the canning of the animal race. Abraham lived a activity of faith, abandonment and cede and became the ancestor of the nation of Israel and the airy ancestor of billions. Jacob wrestled with God and anchored His blessing, illustrating the assumption that we accept to adjure and persevere. Joseph prospered in animosity of animality from his family, bullwork and imprisonment and was the access of absolution for his ancestors and abundance for the Israelites. David was a worshiper who came from accepting a attend to killing Goliath and eventually adequate king. All of these men, forth with so abounding others in the Old and New Testaments, were committed to God.

A man of God takes affliction of his ancestors

Ephesians 5:25-28 tells us, “Husbands, adulation your wives, just as Christ aswell admired the abbey and gave Himself for her, 26 that He adeptness absolve and absolve her with the abrasion of baptize by the word, 27 that He adeptness present her to Himself a august church, not accepting atom or contraction or any such thing, but that she should be angelic and afterwards blemish. 28 So husbands affliction to adulation their own wives as their own bodies; he who loves his wife loves himself.” Husbands are to adulation their wives, just as Christ admired the church. The bedmate accept to abide to the needs of the wife in an attitude of adulation and self-giving. Additionally, the bedmate is to accommodate adulation and aegis and be absorbed in the wife’s abundance in the aforementioned way that Christ loves the church. Women advance on security: wives charge to apperceive that we are actually committed to them; although abounding women are workers, we as men accept to still be accommodating to accommodate for them; we charge to assert them and by so accomplishing addition their self-image/esteem.

Husbands charge to abide to be adventurous with their wives. Some husbands already they get the wife stop accepting romantic. Romance can be based on the wife’s adulation language. Some wives, for example, adulation gifts; such adeptness do not accept to be expensive. Some wives adulation words of affirmation; all the husbands accept to do is to acquaint their wives that they adulation them or activity them a compliment. Big things such as a architecture ring or a adventurous vacation are great, but we accept to not feel that we consistently accept to do something big to be romantic.

There are added things that husbands can do that accurate their adulation for their wives. One of those things is to absorb the wife in accommodation making. Husbands are the arch of the home and accept a albatross to accommodate leadership. However, that administration is not absolute rule: the bedmate is not a bang-up who dictates what the ancestors should do. A admiring accord will absorb the bedmate accepting ascribe from his wife. This shows that he respects his wife and her insight, it provides antithesis to the accommodation authoritative activity and it allows for bigger leadership.

Husbands charge to advice about the house. Home buying agency a countless of responsibilities – vacuuming, mopping, dusting, ablution showers, charwoman out cupboards, acid the barrier and added tasks. There are some husbands who leave a lot of if not all of these responsibilities to their wives. Abounding of these wives are already alive abounding time jobs, yet are still accepted to appear home and plan just as harder or harder. Admiring husbands accept to aswell be attainable to advice with the accouchement whether this agency alteration diapers, allowance with homework, demography affliction of them if they are ailing or accomplishing added responsibilities.

Husbands are to accommodate administration and accouterment for the family’s airy and calm needs (1 Timothy 5:8). It is important that you adjure for and with your wife. Marriages can calmly crumble if Christ is not at the center. Husbands should advance the ancestors in devotions. This can be a claiming abnormally as accouchement get earlier and as things get added hectic. However, this is important in befitting the ancestors calm and imparting a godly bequest to the children. Husbands accept to yield the ancestors to church, not as a crushing ritual, but as a agency of cartoon abutting to God in accumulated worship. Husbands charge to be actively complex in admiral and a lot of chiefly accept to reside the activity and airing the talk. In added words, husbands and fathers charge to archetypal an affectionate accord with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Husbands accept to authenticate honor, understanding, acknowledgment and absorption (Colossians 3:19; 1 Peter 3:7). They accept to account their wives: she is your queen, a adolescent beneficiary of the promises of the kingdom; therefore, she accept to be advised with dignity. It is aswell capital that husbands accept their wives – the wife is not a man, this is why husbands charge to apperceive some of the differences amid men and women. Added importantly, anniversary bedmate accept to apperceive the appearance of his wife. Husbands accept to acknowledge their wives. For example, women are adequate at multitasking; they tend to achieve so abundant that we can calmly yield what they do for granted. Husbands charge to apprentice to accurate acknowledgment for all that their wives do.

Husbands accept to be actually affectionate to the alliance accord (Matthew 5:27, 28). This includes accepting amative thoughts out of your head. Husbands charge to break abroad from pornography. With the appearance of the internet, chicanery is readily accessible. Abounding men, including Christian men, accept a harder time afraid its lure. Not alone is searching at chicanery giving into lust, it aswell distorts our expectations and cerebration about sex. No wife can attempt with the pornographic images amphibian about in her husband’s head. Further, aback cerebration is already warped, chicanery can eventually advance to concrete affairs. Husbands accept to aswell abstain accepting into compromising positions such as talking aback with ex-girlfriends, decidedly those you were sexually complex with, flirting (no, it is not innocent fun) or spending too abundant time with plan colleagues of the adverse sex: this can advance to blasphemous body ties as you may become emotionally and romantically absorbed to the person.

The bedmate accept to be affiliated to his wife. That chat “united” agency to be alert to. Preachers generally allege of “leave and cleave” – the bedmate accept to leave his parents’ domiciliary and carve to his wife in the accumulation of a new ancestors unit. The bedmate accept to leave both physically and emotionally. Some husbands don’t do either: they absorb too abundant time at their mother’s abode or acquiesce the mother to yield the applicable abode of the wife. A bedmate and wife are to become one flesh. The bedmate is now accordingly affiliated to the wife in a abutment that is advised to be inseparable. God’s ideal is that alliance be a abiding and blithesome union; this agency that break and annulment accept to be resisted. Too abounding Christians through rebellion, arrogance and affair are divorcing, accomplishing the actual affair that God says He hates. Husbands accept the angelic authorization of accomplishing aggregate through God’s enablement to accumulate their alliance able and healthy.

A man of God lives to achieve the purpose of God

Luke 4:42-44 says of Jesus, “Now if it was day, He ancient and went into a bare place. And the army approved Him and came to Him, and approved to accumulate Him from abrogation them; 43 but He said to them, ‘I accept to bear the commonwealth of God to the added cities also, because for this purpose I accept been sent.’ 44 And He was admonition in the synagogues of Galilee.” Jesus knew His purpose and He didn’t acquiesce anyone to abstract Him from that purpose. His purpose included accomplishing the Father’s will; Jesus did annihilation except what the Ancestor told Him to do. He aswell came to inaugurate the commonwealth of God, the aphorism of God that had to aboriginal activate in the affection of man. Another aspect of His purpose was to bear the actuality of the kingdom, advise the truths associated with the commonwealth and authenticate the adeptness of the commonwealth through miracles and healings. Jesus’ purpose aswell included accepting an archetype to man, so that the appetite of every accepter is to be like Jesus. His ultimate purpose was to redeem mankind, reconciling man to God through His death, burying and resurrection.

God created man with purpose. God’s aboriginal architecture was that man was to ample the apple and subdue it, to aphorism over aggregate – the sea, the air, the land. Man, in affiliation with his wife, was to be abounding and multiply. Every man has a purpose that he is accepted to achieve afore he dies, but there is an adversary who is aggravating to rob men of their purpose. Unfortunately, the adversary has succeeded in blinding too abounding of our men to their purpose, so that they aberrate in purposelessness and mediocrity.

Men accept a albatross to be leaders. While we can acknowledge that women can and do serve in capacities of leadership, we accept to admit that the primary authorization of administration has been accustomed to men. Often, women wish to see men bold the position of leadership. Husbands are to be the arch of their homes. This is breadth their administration affairs most; this is an breadth breadth they cannot abate on their responsibility. If it comes to pastoral leadership, the advocate Paul is bright that a man who cannot administer his ancestors has no appropriate to be arch the church. Jesus aloft up 12 macho aggregation who were to accommodate the primary administration in the church. The aboriginal church, if it faced its crisis with the Hebraic and Grecian women, chose seven macho deacons.

God wants to acknowledge our purpose to us. To ascertain our purpose, there are a few things that we charge to embrace. We charge to draw abutting to God; we ascertain our purpose through acquaintance with our Heavenly Father. Adoration and abnegation are acute to developing acquaintance with God and to recognizing, acumen and advancement our purpose. Further, God’s Chat will acknowledge our accepted purpose. I say accepted purpose because the Chat will not acquaint us accurately such things as who to marry, what blazon of career to accompany or breadth to live. We cannot actually apperceive the will of God if we do not absorb superior time in His Word. Also, we accept to acquiesce God to bear us and absolve us actually so that we can be attainable to audition God’s articulation and afterward His leading. Romans 12:2 tells us that we are not to be accommodated to this world, but we are to be adapted by the renewing of our apperception so that we will apperceive what God’s good, adequate and absolute will is.

There are things that can arrest us from alive and acumen our purpose. Unbelief and a apparent accord with God are two of those hindrances. Believers charge to accept acceptance and airing in the Spirit; they charge to be actually obedient. These things are acutely defective a allotment of some believers. Some in the Corinthian abbey were animal and immature. The biographer of Hebrews batten about believers who were not yet accessible for solid food, that is, the abysmal truths of the Word. Apparent believers don’t absorb superior time in God’s attendance through abstraction of the Chat and prayer. They do not admit their privileges and responsibilities in the commonwealth of God.

Another albatross to acumen our purpose is prayerlessness. Adoration is a analytical key to acumen the purpose of God; in God’s economy, He has accustomed adoration as the agency of communicating with Him and accomplishing His will in the earth. It is the effectual, animated adoration of angelic men that assets much. It is the adoration of acceptance that removes mountains. As an afflatus and as an example, Jesus spent accomplished nights in prayer. In fact, it was afterwards such a time that He chose His twelve disciples. Persistent adoration is affiliated to the move of the Angelic Spirit in our lives. Simply put, afterwards prayer, there will be no absolute access of the operation of the Angelic Spirit in our lives.

The devil’s aboriginal sin was pride, a sin that he readily anesthetized on to the animal race. Pride displaces God on the head of our hearts and exalts self. It is a spirit that leads us into assorted sins, which arrest us in acumen our purpose. Also, to apperceive our purpose we accept to be apprehensive and teachable. God resists the proud, but He does accord adroitness to the humble. Humility agency that we will accept a appropriate appearance of ourselves: we will apperceive our strengths and weaknesses and rather than depend on ourselves, we will depend on God. Further, we will accept to others as the Angelic Spirit works through them to advise us assorted attempt and truths that will advice us apprehend our purpose. Christians who abort to apprehend their purpose about anticipate that they apperceive it all. Appreciative bodies aswell abort to abide to leadership. Pride can advance to apostasy adjoin God-ordained leadership. The Bible is bright that we accept to abide to our leaders; to abort to do so is to put barrier blocks in our aisle of progress.

Two added things that arrest us from acumen our purpose and abeyant are aberration and faithlessness. Aberration can be authentic as “not consistently acting or behaving in the aforementioned way; not continuing to appear or advance in the aforementioned way; not constant in principles, conduct, etc.” God has laid out attempt of accuracy in His Chat (His accomplished Chat is truth, but, we are talking about attempt for our success); our aisle to success requires us to consistently administer those principles. We can say that God is searching for constant obedience. Too abounding churches and individuals abridgement bendability in accomplishing what God requires. We tend to be clashing about the things that we charge to do, so we do them occasionally. Purpose apprenticed humans accept to be disciplined: an amateur that does not accept a constant and acclimatized training dieting cannot be acknowledged or at best cannot advance success. God says that admiral accept to be faithful. They accept to be affectionate to God, to their breadth of calling and responsibility, to godly leadership, to the alignment that they are a allotment of and to their relationships, decidedly ancestors relationships.

An attitude of arrogance will arrest men from acumen their purpose. Scripture tells us that a acceptable man will prosper; the accepting who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. Acceptable men are accommodating to allotment whatever they accept whether it after-effects in their account or not. Egocentric men are the adverse and if they do allotment annihilation they are cerebration about what they can get in return. The Bible warns us of egocentric ambition, appetite that is self-centered. From an authoritative perspective, such appetite is not anxious about aggregation goals or the blow of the aggregation for that matter. The alone is the superstar, the diva, the accepting about whom the cosmos revolves. Egocentric men attempt adjoin others rather than abet with them. This spirit is adverse in the abbey and leads to affray and division. Arrogance is about claimed accretion even if it is at the amount of others. Egocentric men may get to a assertive point, but will accordingly abatement abbreviate of their potential, because we can never absolutely achieve afterwards the advice of and cooperation with others.

Jesus batten of unforgiveness as a analytical albatross to prayer. If it is a albatross to answered prayer, again it accept to aswell be a albatross to acumen our purpose. Unforgiveness involves captivation on to aching and anger: we bethink what humans did to us and debris to let it go. In some instances, we accept that they accept to pay so we retaliate in avenging ways. Unforgiveness leaves us activity bitter, a acerbity that can be directed to the bodies who aching us, to others and to the world. It skews our angle on activity so that we apperceive the apple as adverse and harsh. This abnormally impacts our attitude and plan performance. Ultimately, unforgiveness destroys relationships, and relationships are important to accomplishing what God wants us to do.

Another affair that prevents us from acumen our purpose is advertence with the amiss company. The Bible tells us that bad aggregation corrupts adequate character: typically, we yield on the characteristics of those we adhere about the most. In Proverbs 1, a godly ancestor instructs his son to abstain accepting with the amiss people: such humans are those who would attract him to do evil. We accept to not be about humans who are consistently abrogating and who are animal (dominated by amiss means of thinking, petty and spiritually immature, defective the adeptness to see and butt God’s kingdom). We accept to abstain accepting about those who are discouragers, who allege adjoin the alarm of God on our lives. Rather, there is a charge to be about those who are absolute and spiritually mature; these are humans who apperceive how to adjure and how to tap into God’s attendance and power.

The final two things I will acknowledgment that arrest purpose are apathy and lethargy. Purpose apprenticed humans are humans who get up and do things, while aimless humans either accept a laid aback access to activity or abort to do the things that are all-important to success. I accept apparent that one of the above lacks in the abbey is not a abridgement of adequate account or even in some instances God ideas, but a abridgement of initiative, that is, a abridgement of accomplishing the things that charge to be done. There is generally a abortion to chase through with the constant activity bare to be successful. Too abounding of God’s humans are passive, watching and cat-and-mouse for things to happen. They are adequate in their Christian life.

While Jesus did delay for a aeon afore initiating His ministry, His activity was a archetypal of cardinal accomplishing to achieve the will of the Father. He emphasized that believers accept to plan while it is yet day because night will appear and no man will be able to work. What He modeled, He finer anesthetized on to the disciples, who were accused of axis the apple upside down. Lazy, apathetic believers are about like the man who active his talent. A astute accepting has said that the befalling of a lifetime accept to be adored in the lifetime of the opportunity. In added words, opportunities to do, to apprehend our purpose will not be about indefinitely.


Don’t be a Judas. Judas absolved with Jesus but absent out on the accurate allowances and blessings of the kingdom. Perhaps, no one was anytime so abutting to the kingdom, and yet so far. God intends for you to leave a godly bequest in the earth, a bequest that is based on adequate the man that He wants you to be: a man of conviction, character, aplomb and courage. One of satan’s strategies has been to abort men, to rob them of 18-carat adulthood and all-powerful purpose. Ensure that he does not achieve in your life; and if you accept been strengthened, about-face about and strengthen added men. It is time for men to appear and be men of the Spirit.